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Spartan Bowl HA615

             Adapted from the Herculean Bowl, this massive planter features
             elegant lines and bold mouldings.

             Height: 1000mm (39 ⁄8”)
             Width overall: 1200mm (47 ⁄4”)
             Width at base: 600mm (23 /8”)
             Weight: 340kg (749 lb)
             Please note: will require mechanical lifting on site in all instances.

             Roman Vase                    Large Roman Vase              Compton Bowl                  Poppy Bowl
             TLHA540                       TLHA545                       A225                          A525

             This Italian vase with simple    Complementing the standard   Suitable for either traditional or   Based upon a design by Mary
             circular mouldings is suitable   Roman Vase is this taller    contem porary gardens, this    Watts (1849-1938) for the
             for large and small plantings.   example, which also features   simple and attractive bowl is   Compton Potters’ Arts Guild,
             Illustrated in our terracotta colour.  simple circular mouldings.   adapted from the Poppy Bowl,   this versatile bowl is ideal for
                                           Illustrated in our terracotta colour.  based upon a design by Mary   terraces and patios. This design
             Width at top: 610mm (24”)                                   Watts (1849-1938) for the     reflects the style of the Arts and
             Width at base: 265mm (10 ⁄2”)  Width at top: 790mm (31”)    Compton Potters’ Arts Guild.  Crafts movement.
             Height: 485mm (19”)           Width at base: 390mm (15 ⁄2”)
             Weight: 38kg (84 lb)          Height: 815mm (32”)           Width at top: 710mm (28”)     Width at top: 710mm (28”)
                                           Weight: 110kg (242 lb)        Width at base: 320mm (12 ⁄2”)  Width at base: 320mm (12 ⁄2”)
                                                                         Height: 535mm (21”)           Height: 535mm (21”)
                                                                         Weight: 94kg (207 lb)         Weight: 100kg (220 lb)

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