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Tatham Tazza Q998

             The Coade original for this fine design dates from c1812 and is known
             as the Tatham Tazza after Charles Heathcote Tatham (1772-1842), an
             architect of considerable repute who studied in Italy.

             Width at top: 890mm (35”)    Height: 660mm (26”)
             Width at base: 460mm (18 ⁄8”)   Weight: 127kg (280 lb)
             Recommended pedestals: B120, B360

             Gallé Vase A325

             Replicated for the National Trust Ascott Estate, where the originals
             stand in the Venus Fountain Garden. The bowl of this striking vase
             has a wide rim and is decorated with a leaf design having strong
             art-nouveau influences.
             Width at top: 850mm (33 ⁄2”)  Height: 985mm (38 ⁄4”)
             Width at base: 420mm (16 ⁄2”)  Weight: 213kg (470 lb)
             Recommended pedestals: B120, B370

                                                                         Waterloo Urn A750

                                                                         A large, imposing urn in classical form with deep gadrooning. Stockport
                                                                         Borough Council commissioned Haddonstone to produce a series of
                                                                         Waterloo Urns to line the terraces at Lyme Hall, Cheshire.

                                                                         Width at top: 785mm (31”)    Height: 760mm (30”)
                                                                         Width at base: 535mm (21”)   Weight: 205kg (452 lb)

                                                                         Recommended pedestal: B120

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