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             THE MATERIAL

             Haddonstone is a unique form of cast

             limestone with a surface texture similar
             to Portland stone or natural limestone.
             In a number of important ways Haddonstone
             is markedly superior, one of its greatest

             advantages being price, which, piece for
             piece, is normally significantly less than that
             of quarried stone.

                                                                        High-tonnage silos (below) store raw materials needed to produce Haddonstone.
             Haddonstone is able to offer three high-specification cast stone options
             in both the UK and USA:

               •   Haddonstone (dry-cast stone)
               •   TecStone (wet-cast stone)
               •   TecLite (fibre-reinforced cast stone, see pages 170-173)

             Haddonstone recognises the exacting requirements of its customers,
             both private and professional, and an ongoing research and
             development programme ensures that the highest standards are

             The illustrations, technical information and data contained
             in this catalogue, to Haddonstone’s best knowledge, were correct at
             the time of going to print. The right to change specifications at any
             time, without notice, is reserved as part of a policy of continuous
             development and improvement.

             In 1991, Haddonstone was a founder member of the United Kingdom
             Cast Stone Association (UKCSA). The Association defines strict levels
             of technical performance, which are set out in the UKCSA Technical
             Manual. Haddonstone’s minimum compressive cube strength at 28
             days is greater than 35 MPa, whilst TecStone’s is greater than 45 MPa.
             Both materials therefore exceed the requirements of the UKCSA
             specification and comply with the requirements of BS 1217: 2008,
             BS 5642: 1983 (2014) and BS EN 13198: 2003. In addition,
             TecStone — a denser material with a smoother finish to meet
             demanding design and performance criteria — also exceeds the
             requirements of ASTM C1364 Standard Specification for Architectural
             Cast Stone in the United States of America.

             As part of Haddonstone’s Quality Assurance procedures, the materials
             are regularly tested both in the company’s own laboratory and by
             recognised independent laboratories. Thus, customers may have every
             confidence that the quality and durability of Haddonstone, TecStone
             and TecLite materials will meet their needs.

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