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             CARE & MAINTENANCE

             With careful handling, Haddonstone needs no special maintenance as
             long as it is not exposed to extreme conditions. For example, it is
             recommended that in very hot weather a planter should be watered
             only in the early morning or cool evening. Also, in freezing conditions,
             fountain bowls should be emptied. To avoid harming the stone surface
             rock salt, proprietary de-icers or chlorine products should not be used.

             Haddonstone is less susceptible to the detrimental effects of
             weathering, which can damage the laminated structure of quarried
             stone, and can be aesthetically more pleasing as it often matures and
             develops character much earlier. Like quarried stone, Haddonstone can
             exhibit slight shade variations from piece to piece, reflecting the colour
             of the natural materials used in the production process. Customers
             should also be aware that natural dyes in composts containing peat,
             coconut husk or coir can produce a brown staining which is very
             difficult to remove. Many fertilizers contain ferrous compounds that can
             cause rust stains. Cast-in fixings and reinforcement used during the
             standard production process are non-ferrous, usually stainless steel.

             Haddonstone planters are suitable for acid-loving plants if used with   Haddonstone was awarded the prestigious International Green Apple Gold Award
             an appropriate non-permeable liner. When planters are used in interior   (Building Materials) for Environmental Best Practice and Sustainable Development
             settings, a non-permeable liner should also be used as planters are   by the Green Organisation for restoration work at Scarborough Spa.
             made with drainage holes and the material has natural porosity. When
             interior architectural stonework is used in public areas it is advisable to
             seal the surface of the stone with a clear sealer.
                                                                         ENVIRONMENTAL &
             Efflorescence, also known as lime bloom, may appear as a white   SUSTAINABILITY POLICY
             deposit on the surface of any product containing cement or limestone.
             This is temporary and will disappear as a result of normal weathering,
             or may be removed with a proprietary acid washing agent. Under    Haddonstone is committed to an Environmental & Sustainability
             certain exceptional conditions a hairline fissure may occur in the    Management System which ensures that work activity processes do
             surface of the product, a characteristic of any material using a    not make a significant impact on the environment.
             cementitious binder. In normal circumstances, this will have no effect
             on the structural integrity of the piece.                   Best environmental practice is adopted wherever possible.
                                                                         Haddonstone undertakes the management of finite, naturally occurring
                                                                         resources by balancing needs with future sustainability. Objectives
             GIFT VOUCHERS & CERTIFICATES                                include: energy conservation; resource conservation; reducing pollution;
                                                                         waste reduction and re-cycling; and the minimisation of hazardous
                                                                         substance use. As a result, all environmental and sustainability aspects
             Haddonstone has a range of gift vouchers in the following    are identified and, where necessary, controlled to minimise or eliminate
             denominations: £5, £10, £25, £50, £100, £250, £500 and £1000.   their effect on the environment.
             Vouchers can also be created for specific values on request.
             Haddonstone (USA) Ltd offers gift certificates in US $ values.  A copy of the company’s full Environmental & Sustainability Policy is
                                                                         available on request.
             Vouchers or certificates can be redeemed against any items in the
             current edition of The Haddonstone Collection, custom-made
             stonework or transport. To order, simply contact the UK or US offices
             or visit                                FIVE YEAR WARRANTY

             Haddonstone Gift Vouchers make the ideal gift for all occasions ~ from   Haddonstone offers a five year warranty on all cast stone garden
             weddings and birthdays to Christmas and retirement. They can even be   ornaments purchased direct from the company on production of the
             issued as part of a company incentive scheme.               product’s original invoice or order acknowledgement. This warranty
                                                                         only applies in the unlikely event that a product fails, due to a design
             Please note: Haddonstone Standard Terms & Conditions apply. In addition:   or production fault. This warranty does not apply if Haddonstone
             Haddonstone Gift Vouchers have no cash redemption value; no change will   assembly recommendations have not been followed or if a problem
             be given if the value redeemed is less than the value of the Gift Voucher;   arises as a consequence of the actions of the client or a third party.
             Vouchers are only valid for retail purchases direct from Haddonstone Ltd or    Contact your nearest Haddonstone office for the full terms of this
             Haddonstone (USA) Ltd; and, Vouchers are available to UK or US clients only.  warranty which does not affect your statutory rights.

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