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                  There have been more imitations of stone than any                        Choosing a Colour                  206

                  other natural building material. This persistent                         New Formula StoneAge               206
                  emulation has most consistently been for reasons                         Care & Maintenance                 207
                  of economy, availability and fashion.                                    Gift Vouchers & Certificates       207

                                                                                           Environmental & Sustainability     207

                  Some of the historical substitutes for stone are now                     Five Year Warranty                 207
                  themselves the subject of conservation. Their history                    The Material                       208
                  is distinguished and fine early examples can still be                    The Manufacturing Process          209

                  seen at Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court,                                Custom-Made Stonework              210

                  Ham House and St George’s Chapel, Windsor.                               Pointing  Mix                      210
                                                                                           Delivery                           210
                  Today, cast stonework is being used increasingly by                      CPD & Continuing Education         210

                  architects and both landscape and interior designers                     Building with Haddonstone          211

                  as a substitute in the many applications where                           Haddonstone Website                211
                  quarried stone is difficult, time-consuming and                          Technical Sheets                   211
                  forbiddingly expensive to employ, including restoration.                 CAD with Haddonstone               211

                                                                                           A Brief History                    212

                  This section looks at the history and development                        Haddonstone Worldwide              213
                  of Haddonstone, the colour and material choices                          How to find us in the UK           213
                  available and the services the company can offer                         Index                              214

                  to both professional and private clients.

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