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                  As can be seen from the scope of this catalogue,                         Archives                           188
                  Haddonstone is justifiably regarded as the world’s                       Garden Cremation memorials         194

                  leading manufacturer of landscape ornaments                              Haddoncraft Forge                  195
                  and architectural cast stone.                                            Technistone Flooring & Tiling      196

                                                                                           Engraving                          196
                  many clients are, however, unaware of the additional                     Restoration                        197

                  specialist services the company is able to offer                         Fireplaces & mantels               200
                  including: Archives; Garden Cremation memorials;                         Haddonstone (USA) Ltd              202

                  Wrought Ironwork; Technistone tiles for interiors;
                  Engraving Services; Restoration; Fireplaces, mantels

                  and Hearths; and a collection of primarily architectural
                  designs created specifically for US customers.

                  Hopefully, the reader will find the following pages

                  most enlightening.

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