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             “Mood, association, magic:
             these are indeed the essence of follies”
                                              Gervase Jackson-Stops, 1989

             Ruins, follies and grottoes were in vogue for a considerable period of
             the XVIII and XIX centuries: valued for their aesthetic, emotional and
             romantic qualities.

             Using standard architectural and ornamental components from the
             Haddonstone collection it is possible – with flair and imagination – to
             design and construct picturesque structures in the style of the antique.

             Based on the L9300 Pavilion, this ruinous folly has been constructed in the
             City of Westminster, Colorado, USA.

             Folly from Haddonstone’s 1995 Chelsea exhibit rebuilt in a London garden.

                                                                      Landscaping by Notcutts

             A private garden in the West Midlands features this ruinous Venetian Folly.  Folly featuring L9605 Gothic Arch at a private Northamptonshire home.
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