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             In the XIX century, porticos were a frequent feature of houses for both
             aesthetic and practical reasons. Whilst providing welcome shelter from
             the elements, they also offered architects the opportunity to embellish
             an otherwise perhaps rather dull entrance, uplifting it to much grander

             Today, the benefits and opportunities provided by utilising these
             architectural features are again being appreciated, for both public and
             private buildings.
             The Haddonstone collection of porticos includes five designs using
             standard Haddonstone architectural elements. As can be seen from
             the photographs, it is often possible to combine individual elements
             to create a completely new design. An additional four components are
             also offered for use as individual entablature pieces.

             Haddonstone also specialises in the manufacture of custom-made
             porticos to individual designs and requirements.

             Note: The architrave will, in most cases, require backing with an
             in-situ reinforced concrete beam sufficient to carry the weight of the
             structure. Please ask for relevant Tech Sheet number for assembly
             For column details see pages 152-153.
             TS  CAD1 Column Assembly Details

                                                                         Portico A

             Portico A with M4 Columns, HN1 Steps and HN3 Risers         Octagonal Portico A with HN1 Steps and HN3 Risers
     154     Custom-made products are available on request.                    Refer to the Architectural Supplement for specific US designs.
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