Page 151 - HS Full Catalogue 2015-2018
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To assist our private and professional clients with the ordering of
             Haddonstone copings and cappings, we have introduced this new
             page to the catalogue containing all the relevant terminology required.

             For further details relating to coping and capping terminology, please
             either contact your nearest Haddonstone office or refer to:

             TS  Tech Sheet No. WC10, WC20 & WC30

                                          Length in mm

                                                                         Pier Caps S600B/C and S215C with Coping T130.
                                                   T150V shown

                                                                                            Radius to centre line in mm
             Thickness of
            horizontal coping                                                               Centre line girth  Centre line girth
                                                                                            length in mm  length in mm
                 Radius to underside                               HORIZONTAL CURVE:
                    in mm                                          PLAIN ENDED

                                                                   T150H-00787 shown.
                                                                   (where 787 represents the centre line radius in mm)
                                ¼ CIRCLE PLAN ENDED
                                T150W-00610 shown
                                (where 610 represents the radius in mm)

                                                                                                          INSIDE CORNER STONE
                               Length in mm
            TERMINAL END                                        CORNER STONE                              (Asymmetrical coping only)
                                                                (Symmetrical coping only)           T830G shown

                                                                        T150E shown

                           T150T shown
                                                   Length in mm
                                                                                                         OUTSIDE CORNER STONE
                                                                                                         (Asymmetrical coping only)
                                                                                                   T830F shown

                          PLAIN ENDED

                                                   T150A shown

                                                                  TS  Tech Sheet No.  WC10, WC20 & WC30 for Coping & Capping Terminology.  151
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