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                                                                        LIGHTING (UK only)

                                                                         Haddonstone Ltd is able to offer lighting suitable for pool surrounds,
                                                                         fountains and gardens. The 12-volt system uses a transformer which
                                                                         can be submerged. As the transformer can be operated underwater,
                                                                         this enables long distances between the mains socket and the
             Jubilee Pool Surround C4801                                 transformer to be bridged with conventional cables. Units can be
                                                                         connected to each transformer up to a maximum of 150 watts.
             Inspired by a pool surround in Haddonstone’s Jubilee Show Garden    A variety of other lighting effects and control systems are available.
             in Northamptonshire, this design is intended to provide a simple    Please ask for details.
             surround for smaller water features.

             This design can sit on an existing terrace or patio as it requires no
             additional excavation. Illustrated with the C3750 Small Neapolitan
             Fountain centrepiece (see page 92).

             Outside base diameter: 1470mm (57 /8”)
             Height: 215mm (8 ⁄2”)
             Weight: 212kg (467 lb)
             TS  Tech Sheet No. P95

                                                                                                       Lunaqua 10 (UK only)

                                                                                                       A very versatile lighting system,
                                                                                                       which can be used either
                                                                                                       underwater or in a normal garden
                                                                                                       setting. The 50 watt spotlights
                                                                                                       are connected to the transformer
                                                                                                       via special plug-in connectors.

                                                                                                       The spotlight is made of
                                                                                                       shockproof plastic with an
                                                                                                       integral swivel bracket allowing
                                                                                                       it to be turned through 180°, the
                                                                                                       angle of beam being 24°.

             Arcadian Half Pool Surround GC405
             Includes pool liner and cable gland. (Surround supplied in 4 sections).
             For Green Man Wall Fountain GC500A, see page 114.
             Width: 1470mm (58”)  Projection: 735mm (29”)  Weight: 118kg (259 lb)

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