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                                                                         Pebble Pool X435 (Shown with Neapolitan Small Double Fountain)
                                                                         In response to numerous requests from clients, Haddonstone has
                                                                         introduced this sturdy pebble pool for digging into the ground, which
                                                                         can be used in conjunction with the following fountains:
                                                                         C172   Large Dolphin Fountain on S310S Support, see page 91
                                                                         C300    Lion Fountain on C305 Base, see page 91
                                                                         HC390  Water Nymph on A240 Plinth, see page 91
                                                                         C200   Eastwell Fountain on B350 Pedestal, see page 96
                                                                         HC510  Regency Fountain on HB330 Pedestal, see page 96
                                                                         C3650  Neapolitan Small Double Fountain (shown), see page 92
                                                                         C3700  Neapolitan Fountain, see page 92
                                                                         This robust pebble pool is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and can be
                                                                         used without formal raised pool surrounds.
                                                                         For dimensions, please refer to the diagram. Pebbles not supplied.

             Pool Coping T770

             As well as straight stones, inside
             and outside and 135° corner
             stones are available:
             Weight: 63kg (139 lb) per                                                                                      Ground
               914mm (36”)                                                                   350mm                           level
             Length: 914mm (36”)                                                             (13 3 /4”)
             Inside and Outside Corner coping:                                                            1835mm  (72 1 /4”)
             Size: 650mm x 650mm
             (25 ⁄2” x 25 ⁄2”) overall
             TS  Tech Sheet No. P70

             Please refer to our price list for details of fountains, pumps and plumbing.

     102     Turn to Specialist Services - Archives for further ornament options      For details of centrepiece fountains, see pages 91-96.

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