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Soane Term E679

                                                                        Terms are classical architectural features, the name deriving from
                                                                        Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries and boundary markers. The
                                                                        Soane Term incorporates a human head with a sunflower motif and a
                                                                        sculptured drop of flowers and fruit reminiscent of the style of Grinling
                                                                        Gibbons. The original can be seen in the Monument Court at the
                                                                        Soane Museum. Ideal for use inside or out, positioning either side of an
                                                                        entrance or against a wall at the end of a path or corridor.
                                                                        Height:  1905mm  (75”)   Base width:  255mm  (10”)
                                                                        Base depth:  100mm (4”)   Weight:  76kg  (167 lb)

            Soane Hercules E677

            A colossal bust based on the full length figure of the famous Farnese
            Hercules in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples. Previously
            displayed at the Palazzo Farnese in Rome, the design is believed to
            be a copy made in the early third century AD from a fourth century
            BC original by Lysippos. It was discovered in the Baths of Caracalla
            in 1546. At the Soane Museum the bust is displayed on a parapet
            overlooking the Monument Court.  Recommended pedestal:  B265

            Height: 1170mm (46”)          Width at base: 380mm (15”)
            Max width: 812mm (32”)        Weight: 231kg (509 lb)

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